The History Of Knitting

The History of KniIMG_4535tting 

No one knows exactly how old knitting really is, though it is thought to be older than crochet and younger than weaving. The fabrics used for knitting are made of wool, silk and other fibers that decay rapidly. Additionally, knitting needles are hard to distinguish from ancient hair picks, skewers, spindles and the other many items found that resemble a sharpened stick. 

Many ancient textile fragments have been found to be nalebinding (Danish word with the translation of binding with a needle) an ancient form of needlecraft that has been referred to as single-needle knitting.

One of the earliest known examples of knitting were a pair of cotton socks found in Egypt from the first millennium A.D. Many of them have khufic (a decorative Arabic script) blessings, symbols to ward off evil or both.