Knitting 101

Knitting 101, where to start

You want to learn how to knit and you are not sure where to start. Try finding groups in your area through social media sites such as Facebook and Meetup, local and national craft stores, internet searches, libraries and churches. These groups will enable you to meet crafty like-minded people in your area who share the same interests in knitting. You will have fun comparing patterns, sharing techniques and trading tips on stitches and other things you might be “yarning” to learn.

Start with the basics:

  • How to cast on
  • Make the knit stitch
  • How to bind off.

Some of the easiest knitting patterns for beginners are for scarves, washcloths, afghan rugs, blankets and arm warmers. A simple scarf requires a knitter to know only how to cast on, how to make the knit stitch, and how to bind off. 

Once you have mastered the knit stitch, move onto the purl stich. The purl stitch makes the stockinette stitch when knitt, and purl rows are alternated.

To knit a scarf, cast on as many stitches as required to make the width of the scarf that is preferred. Knit every row until you have reached the desired length of your scarf, then bind off. shows how to use only the knit and purl stitches to create a stockinette stitch washcloth with a seed stitch border that prevents the edges from curling. 

The Internet is a source of thousands of knitting patterns for all kinds of projects and many of them are free. Ravelry, for example, is a free online knitting and crochet community that allows members to search for patterns by their level of difficulty, as well as by many other criteria, including user rating, yarn type and needle size. Other online resources include, Knit Picks and Knitting Pattern Central.